Where there is a will, there is a way

– loosely based on this motto, activists on World COPD Day 2022 showed what is possible with medication, training and joie de vivre: For the awareness campaign mycopd-challenge.com, Eberhard Jordan climbed with 28% air volume the Vienna DC Tower
The background to the awareness campaign is COPD – now the third leading cause of death worldwide.

Prim. Priv. Dr. Arshang Valipour from the Floridsdorf clinic hosted the supporting program during the 90-minute ascent. When Eberhard Jordan finally made it, he said: “Eberhard Jordan proved that with the right medication, training and a certain zest for life, the unbelievable is possible even with severe COPD. A cool thing that succeeded today.”



and because it was so beautiful – here are a few photos of the event in Vienna and Innsbruck.



all Fotos Wien Fotocredit – Christoph Hopf


and here are Fotos from the ‚myCOPD-Challenge‘ in Innsbruck



Copyright: Silke Rose, Reha Innsbruck


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